Talisman & Attendant Spirit @mandP Art Oxford UK September -November 2018

Talisman and attendant spirit 2018 gouache on bat

Great to exhibit with M+P ART in Oxfordshire showing Modern and Contemporary art run by Lucy Meakin and Ben Parsons.

Spar 2017 @ArtCollectiveWA

Spar 2017 Wall Painting 2.6m x8.8m

I created Spar at Art Collective WA in 2017. A wall painting 2.6m x 8.8m painted over two weeks while on a Artsource residency. So much fun!

Cubit-Bathurst Regional Art Gallery-14 October-20 November 2016


Cubit (variation) 2016

wall painting 2.4 x 2.4 m

pencil & acrylic on wall

Measure 3 for the ACT Legeslative Assembly 2016

Measure 3 with me

Ham Darroch- Echo at Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney. June 2016



Ham Darroch -Orbit 1. 2016

Hill End Residency March 2016

For his Hill End residency Ham Darroch will create new drawings and sculptures informed by vintage measurement tools and their associated language. Conceptually the works move across themes of perception, shared histories and the Australian landscape.

Ham Darroch Art

The Shape of Things- from Michael Reid Gallery Sydney exhibition